2020 Election Marketing

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2020 Election Marketing, “The Three Senses”

TEMPE, Ariz.May 29, 2019PRLog — Sight, Sound and Touch.

Today’s election marketing landscape focuses highly on the sight and sound aspect of humanity, through social media, Sight, which you never know what’s real or fake, a bot or a troll and Sound from TV & video that could be altered, manipulated and misleading. All clouds and distorts reality, aka “Gaslighting America”.

Touch is there but limited to the campaign rallies and handshakes at town halls.

This is not enough!

Candidates in all elections, from Presidential to City government, need to focus on all three sensory interests to succeed and reach their goals of being elected to the office they strive for.

List2u.com has just launched its “2020 Marketing Campaign” to help candidates reach the highest level of branding by combining all three sensory interests using its 21 year experience of attention, focus and persistence to get them into office.

Candidates running for Political Office

Target areas are Nationwide including by States, City or by Zip Code.

List2u Targets:
Americans with active email accounts and Postal address by Age, Gender, Occupation and Income.

Since 1998, List2u.com, which is more than just a list company, has helped a multitude of companies, from Tech giants, for profits, .Orgs to a three person company which was making $100k a year thirteen years ago (and still moving forward) into a front and center, Multi-million dollar, Inc. 5000, Top 100 in marketing company in less than a year.

List2u has built a reputation for delivering high quality, researched information for email, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns and now is joining the political arena to help with Branding for Candidates and Causes.

Our approach includes a consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, goal plans, cost analysis and a suite of quality products that will help you get voters and contributions quickly and smoothly.

Go to the List2u.com website page, 2020 Election Marketing for more details about the available campaigns.

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New Website Launch

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List2u.com LLC (www.List2u.com) has just launched it New website that features Technology Users Lists and B2B Lists from around the world.

List2u.com, the Global List Provider for more than 16 years, has been delivering Technology Lists and Business Mailing Lists too clients focusing on Computer Users, Software Users, ERP Users, CRM Users, SCM Users, Industry Business lists and B2B Title lists that include IT Executives, C-level Executives, V-level Executives and Managers & Directors.

Our Goal is to help companies looking for new prospects expand their outreach, gain new business, keep their current customers, reach the decision makers and make sales by providing targeted mailing lists, Technology lists and Telemarketing lists around the world.

Some of List2u.com’s Technology Users Lists:

  • CRM Users Lists (view)
  • Computer Users Lists (view)
  • ERP Users Lists (view)
  • SCM Users Lists (view)
  • Software Users Lists (view)
  • Mobile Apps Developers Lists (view)
  • VARs Lists (view)

Contact List2u.com for more information on these Technology Users Lists, call 602-628-5478 or email Info@List2u.com .


New and Improved B2B Technology ERP Users

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List2u.com, LLC ( http://www.list2u.com ), supplies Targeted Technology Information on companies around the world.

Located in Tempe, Arizona, List2u.com maintains one of the largest Technology and IT specific list in the world, from companies that use large OS like Mainframes, midrange systems including the iSeries / as400 and smaller servers & pc’s from Dell, HP and Compaq.

List2u.com also maintains data on companies that run targeted applications that include ASP Users (Application Service Providers), CRM Users (Customer Relationship Management) and Embedded System Users.

New ERP Technology lists include SAP users, Oracle users, Siebel users, PeopleSoft users, Infor users, Lawson users, MS GP users and JDE users in the US.

All lists include Full Contact Information including phone and email address along with specific information like company revenue, company size, SIC codes and Industry with usage of 1 year with free updates during that time.

For more information, contact a List2u.com Sales Executive at info@List2u.com or call 602-628-5478


Great Tech Data!

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I’m an independent list broker who is always on the lookout for fresh IT and Computer lists and I found a goldmine.  Just brokered a SAP user email list from list2u.com of US Companies. Not only was the data very responsive, I was able to sort for my client industries, revenue and company size.

List2u.com also includes with their email lists free updates for 1 year. Never before have I had the luxury of using a list and also getting free updates for a year. Keep up the Great Work! Will purchase again.